Secret to completely removing Acid Reflux Disorder (GERD) naturally

My acid reflux product that cured me permanently

Hi, my name is Nick O’Connor. I’ve been suffering from Acid Reflux for the better part of my life now. It was a disease that I just dealt with, it became a part of me. I was placed on all sorts of medications, over-the-counter, prescription, you name it – I’ve tried it. Zantac, tums, Nexium, Prilosec all provided little relief, if any at all. It was a tough battle, the discomfort literally turned my life upside down. I was carefree young one living with no illnesses enjoying life until one day those fire burps started up. I saw a doctor and he told me I had Acid Reflux Disorder. No big deal I guess. WRONG. The constant nausea, the pain in the throat, the urge to vomit everyday, the heartburn, it was all too much to deal with. I COULDN’T DEAL WITH IT ANYMORE.

Then one day… a rude awakening. I was checked into the doctor, just a routine checkup to make sure everything is working as it should be. He placed a tube down my throat, a terrible feeling for those who have experienced it before, and he noticed some discoloration. He assured me it could be nothing but still worried me, he referred me to a specialist who provided an Upper GI Endoscopy and Biopsy. Terrifying words for a terrifying procedure. After an hour of discomfort, I heard news that will forever ring in my ears. I had Esophageal cancer. I broke in a sweat, I panicked, I couldn’t speak a word. I was one of them. A normal, healthy individual who has cancer. I cursed god, I cursed this life I had be damned to.

Now began the truly painful stages of my life – the anxiety, depression, franticness and the constant need for Photodynamic Therapy to remove the cancerous cells. Now this a procedure you will never want to experience in your life. You literally feel a thick piece of tubing down in your belly and throat for hours whilst a laser burns the cancerous cells away. A terrible experience… One I wish nobody will experience. I was completely bedridden, nauseous, sick everything after the procedures too – this lingered on for a long time. I had a terrible time keeping down food, just no way to live a life. My family… I couldn’t support them or anything. Honestly, I felt hopeless. I felt like giving up. I contemplated SUICIDE.

One day, things snapped. I said I have had enough. I’m not giving up, I’m pushing through the pain and onto a normal happy life. I researched for days, months on end. I finally found a solution. A NATURAL SOLUTION believe it or not. February 22nd 2012, an angel from above sent me a email. Richard Harrow, a University biologist, who discovered me through means of social media. He emailed me with an experimental method on curing GERD in addition to my Barrett’s Esophagus once and for all. He stated all I needed was to remove one type of bacteria in my system: H. Pylori. I laughed in his face… Out of all the pharmaceutical methods, trials, experiments, it was this simple? Yes. It. Was. He provided me the medication I needed to remove the bacteria in the system, I was willing to give anything a shot so here we why not. I was extremely skeptical… but I noticed changes. What happened over the course of the next few days blew my mind.

By Day 9, I was back to eating cheeseburgers and noticed no nausea… I was eating delicious, greasy food and I was loving it. I was back to my former self.

Thanks for reading my blog, it’s getting late and I’m tired right now. It was an emotional experience typing this  for me and I’d hope you give it a read.

I have a book I published recently, please purchase it if you are suffering from GERD. I’m a little lost for money due to all the operations, medical bills etc. It will really help me out if you can purchase it.
The link is here:

Please I urge you to purchase it, it will really help me out financially. Also for you GERD sufferers, I want to pass my knowledge onto you. I’ve been through a lot, very knowledgeable in this area and I would like to pass that knowledge on to you.

Once again, I am Nick O’Connor. Finally GERD free. 🙂


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